About Shunem.

Breaking the cycle of poverty and disease and providing hope for the future.

Located in the outskirts of Hyderabad City, Southern India, Shunem is “home” to over 100 children and 20 elderly people from backgrounds where families, due to poverty or ill health, struggle to cope.

Many of our residents have been affected by the devastating impact of leprosy on family life, leaving parents unable to provide and children with poor health and little or no education.

At Shunem, children are encouraged to strive to reach their full potential. Schooling is provided along with health care and a wide range of social and physical activities. Many of our college students and elderly residents enjoy reading with the children and helping with their homework, creating a “family” bond between young, adolescent and the elderly.

Centred around the Word of God, life at Shunem is never dull! The day starts early with reading and prayer and then it’s off to school for the children. After school, a bit of time to play while the elderly enjoy watching them from the solace of the beautiful gardens… and then it’s homework, dinner and evening prayers!

Over the years, volunteers of all ages have given time to help with education and care at Shunem. Almost all have left feeling that the home has found a very special place in their hearts.

The Shunem home is funded entirely by donations, please see our “Donate” tab for ways to contribute.