Life in the Christadelphian Shunem home

Hello everyone!!! I am PrabhuKiran and I have a wife whose name is Divya. We also have a baby who is 1 year old. Her name is Prashastha, hope you all can pronounce it, her name means  ‘Precious!!’.

Divya and I grew up in the Shunem Home. We just want to take this opportunity to share with you all our experience there.

Before we start, we want to thank all the helping hands who have helped and are still helping the Shumen home to run. It is a home for many unprivileged children like we were.  A big thanks for your generosity. Many of you may not have visited Shunem Home but if you do you will come to know that with your help, you are giving a blessed life to many children who were unprivileged like we both were.

With the help of the Shunem Home we both were able to get an education till our Graduation.

I graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Statistics and Computers which has enabled me to get a job in the IT profession. My wife Divya did her General Nursing Midwifery. Since we had a baby Divya is staying at home and she a Home Maker. But she had an offer to be a Nurse in one of the hospitals before our baby was born. What we are today, It is all by the Grace of God through Shunem Home. 

I was 7 years old when I first came to shunem and my wife Divya was already there. She came to Shumen when she was 3 years old. We lived there for 15-16 years.

Shumen Home was like our home. Sorry!! Small correction, we still feel it as our home. It became our home and the place where our parents used to live became our second home.

We are thankful that we got to live in Shunem Home and we say it is a blessing in both of our lives. It is a blessing not just to both of us but to all the children who are living there. We feel it as a complete home, where we used to live among people of different age groups: from age 3&4 years old up to 95years old, from which some of them were like our Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Some were Aunties & Uncles, Some were brothers & sisters, and most importantly like a Mother and Father:  Sarah Mummy and Tim Daddy. It was like a family.

And we used to enjoy the visits of many Volunteers who came to help us in many things at different times of the year, from different countries. I especially used to enjoy this because I used to get an opportunity to enhance my translations skills from English to Telugu, by translating for them in Daily Prayers, Cyc’s, Bible weeks etc.

It is a place where we were Cared for, Loved, Nurtured and Disciplined (if we did anything wrong), but at the same time we are loved and forgiven, as parents do in their own families.

We have to admit and accept that we were really lucky to have a home like Shumen Home. We say this with truthful and joyful hearts that we were lucky to get an opportunity to live in Shunem home, where all our needs were fulfilled including food (3 times a day and snacks in the evening ), clothes, shelter, education. More importantly it is a place where we were taught to learn what is good and bad, what is right and wrong not from the stories of the world but from the stories and lessons from the Bible.

We can say that we both decided and chose to get baptized because of the prayers that we used to have daily both in the morning and evening, Bible studies that we used to attend every Wednesday, Cyc’s that we used to attend since the age of 14 and regular Sunday schools and Sunday Memorial Meetings. We also had an opportunity to attend many Bible Camps and Cyc Camps across the country which also helped both of us in the process of making the decision to get baptized. And then we both got baptized on the Same Day, Same Year, Same Place, Same Faith: 19FEB2011 and now we belong to the Hyderabad Christadelphian Ecclessia but of course we feel part of the Christadelphian family worldwide.

And so we fell in love and decided to get married on December 29th 2017. We had our wedding in Shunem Home.

We have now realized how lucky were to have the lifestyle that we had in Shunem Home which was better in all aspects than many other children and even many of our friends from School and College.

We both are thankful to all who have been part of our life, through Shunem Home.

We Indeed say, Shunem Home is a blessing, an opportunity, and more importantly it is wonderful Home.

Your lovingly,

PrabhuKiran & Divya.